Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update on progress

Hey all, I'm prepping for my upcoming clinic schedule and haven't had a chance to write the new posts as frequently.  They're still coming, it'll just be a little slower.

Thanks to all those that have commented with additions!


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  1. I'm trying again to post this RW PM I sent you. Yes, IE allows me to sign in but Chrome does not. Strange.
    I tried to post these questions to you Squirrel Wipe blog, but am having difficulty signing into a profile to post them. I think it is the slow internet connection our landlords (aka friends that are blessing us hugely, so I am really not complaining) have since I have had a hard time posting to BRU recently. Anyway, I hope this gets to you.
    I've got two questions to add to the ultra running question pile.

    How to handle recovery (especially after your first ultra that you might not have been as prepared for as you should have been, but also in general)

    What are the general discomforts, i.e. swollen feet, achy muscles, after an ultra? I am thinking it might help with identifying acute injuries, i.e. minor stress fractures, that a newbie (aka me at this point) might not realize as something more serious than the general discomfort type stuff.

    Gracia y paz,