Why the Stupid Blog Name?

I have a large number of friends that routinely post on Facebook.  And we sometimes drink a little alcohol before posting.  The result: often-times disturbingly inappropriate conversations. It's our form of recreation. 

Anyway, we were talking about pooping in the woods during a ultra (a legitimate concern for non-ultrarunners), or as I prefer to call it "dropping a deuce."  Someone innocently asked about wiping materials.  Pablo Päster, a respected blogger and engineer friend, was suggesting using "alternative" materials.  I told him to avoid using a squirrel.


They have little "grabby" hands.

In our drunken state, it seemed funny.  So much so, it became a running joke.

When it came time to name the blog, I didn't want to go with a lame-ass title (see The Barefoot Running Book), so I decided to use the squirrel.  It somehow seemed to capture the tone of the book idea.

Quite honestly, it also serves as a filter.  Since I take a light-hearted approach to the topic, I wanted to filter those that are easily offended.  There are plenty of other 'serious' sources of ultra advice.

So there you go.  Now you can share the blog without sounding like a weirdo with a fetish for small woodland creatures and/or ass-wiping.  Well, there's a pretty good chance you'll regain the "weirdo" title as soon as they start reading...