This blog is based on two simple ideas:
  1. Information should be freely shared, and
  2. Our collective knowledge is always better than a small number of experts.
That's the premise behind this project.  I am writing a  book about ultramarathons, which are foot races longer than a standard 26.2 mile marathon.  I previously wrote a book about barefoot running.   The book was originally self-published, and was then picked up by Plume, a division of the Penguin Group.

Instead of going the traditional route and writing this book in secret and attempting to sell it to a publisher, I decided to write it as a series of blog posts.  The first posts here (from January 21st, 2012) represent the beginning.  Each new section has been added as the writing process progresses.  This process will allow me to tap into the ideas of the collective readership.  You get to see the writing of the book first-hand. 

Your comments will influence the book.  As you read through each section, feel free to give me your opinions and share your experiences.  This will create a sort of living document where YOU get to play an active role.

Once completed, it will be possible to read the entire book online for free.  Why would anyone buy the book if they could get it for free?  As I found out with The Barefoot Running Book, giving away information helps ideas spread, which is my ultimate goal.  A certain number of those people will buy the actual book because it may be a more convenient format, it has less errors than the blog (and there will be errors on the blog), or they just feel strongly about my mission and want to support the idea.

I'll be announcing the new sections on Twitter and Facebook, or you can subscribe to the blog using the buttons on the site.

If you like this idea, please share this blog with anyone you feel may be interested (friends, family, other runners... whatever).