Monday, February 13, 2012

Hydration: Know Where the Drinking Fountains are Located

When it comes to training, hydration can be a bitch. Once the long runs surpass your ability to physically carry enough water (or other drink), your options are limited. You can:
  • Stash drinks along the planned route (though it may get stolen... which has happened on more than one occasion. Seriously, who steals a jug of water?!?).
  • Bring money or a credit card if there will be stores along the way.
  • Plan a route that utilizes public drinking fountains.
Personally, I prefer the last option. If you live in a semi-inhabited area, this is a good option. If you live in the sticks or will be training in desolate mountains, it may be impossible. If you do train in a populated area, drinking fountains can usually be found at:
  • Public parks and playgrounds,
  • Sport fields,
  • Public restrooms,
  • Schools,
  • Trailheads
  • Campgrounds,
  • Large grocery or department stores,
  • Malls.



  1. I would remind readers to consider time of year (and location) if looking for outdoor water sources; here in MN they turn off the park water fountains in about November and turn them back on in April or May. So, even if the weather is nice during that time period, one may have to use the more commercial locations on the list.

    Or eat snow, which is what I did the other day. (I was desperate. It was not yellow.)

  2. And also the geographical location needs to be considered if looking for outdoor water sources. Say, here in Latvia there are no drinking fountains.. ;)