Thursday, March 28, 2013

Squirrel Wipe Book is Available!

"Never Wipe Your Ass with a Squirrel: A trail running, ultramarathon, and wilderness survival guide for weird folks" is finished! As of right now, it's only available in ebook format, but it can be purchased from me (.pdf or .epub format), Amazon (Kindle format), or Barnes and Noble (Nook format.)

Links to all the formats can be found over at Barefoot Running University on my "Books" page.

Want a sample? Get it here (uses e-Junkie, my file distribution service): Squirrel Wipe Sample

Here's the topics covered:

Why DO people run trails?
What is a trail?
Technical versus nontechnical trails
How does trail running compare to other activities?
Trail etiquette
Elements of good running form
Run efficiently
Difference between road running gait and trail running gait
Uphill technique
Downhill technique
Snow and ice
Water crossings
What to drink
Food before a run
Food during a run
Food after a run
Trekking poles
Carrying water
Knowing where to find water
Water from natural sources
Map and compass
Natural navigation aids
Cell phones
Personal location beacons
Personal protection
Flashlights and headlamps
Familiarity with local weather patterns
Checking the weather forecast
Natural weather predictors
What to do in a severe thunderstorm
Dangerous fauna
Stretching and rolling
Learning to fall
Falling off a cliff
Preparing for trouble
First aid kit
Survival stuff
Building a fire
Running with dogs
Running Naked


Why you should run ultras
What does it take to run ultras?
Do you have to be a good runner?
The different race options
Choosing your first ultramarathon
Learning about the race
Elevation profiles
How much do ultramarathons cost?
What about fatass races?
The difference between road and trail ultras
Taking the leap and signing up
Finding the time to train for ultras
Balancing life commitments
Is there such thing as a perfect career for ultramarathons?
Give me a training plan!
How do you choose a training plan?
Using heart rate as a training tool
Do you have to follow the plan religiously?
Listening to your body
Training partners
Training run conversations
How to get rid of that annoying training partner
The art of experimentation
Hill repeats
The long run
Course specificity training
Losing weight for race day
Race etiquette
Runner personalities
Race strategy
Run/walk strategy
So how do you get faster?
Walking technique?
Speeding up strategy
Fasting while training
Gluttony training
Shave the junk or rock the ‘fro?
Foot care
Popping blisters
Night running
Sleep deprivation training
Learning when shit’s about to go bad
Racing as training
Coaching and ultramarathons
Does body type matter
Drop bags
After the race
Some additional ultrarunning tips
About us
Other writing projects


  1. I love the progression "Training partners >>
    Training run conversations >>
    How to get rid of that annoying training partner" ! Guess I'll have to buy the book to find out which end of the squirrel to use... Thanks! Christian

  2. I have read just about every running how-to book out there and i have to say this is one of my favorites. So down to earth and honest, and just some damn good ideas and information. Jason has me thinking maybe i really can run an ultra. I cant wait to try. Thanks Jason!

  3. In case you every update the book as a new revision here is a recent article on how a woman survived the night after getting lost of a run in New Zealand.

    "The tenacious woman had kept warm through the cold night by digging a hole in a bank and covering herself with dirt, and kept her strength up by drinking her own breast milk."

    PS: Half way through the book at the moment. Good stuff.