Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Vision of an Ultramarathon book

Here's the plan: this blog is going to eventually become the guts of my ultramarathon book.  As I write each new section, I'll post it here.  This will allow three things:

1. It will allow for instant feedback (and editing from my grammar police friends). This is important because I want to create a resource that actually helps the average person run an ultra... not just provide generic advice that isn't especially useful.

2. It fits with my philosophy on sharing information.  I'm a huge fan of freely sharing stuff to promote the common good.  You'll get to see the entire book (though in rough form) well before it is ever published.  If you choose to buy it, great!  If not, at least the information is out there.

3. It allows me to learn from the process.  This has been the best part of The Barefoot Running Book experience- it has served as a medium that has allowed me to learn from the people that read it.  I'm hoping this "open book" idea gives me the same opportunity to learn from you.

So what would I like from you?  FEEDBACK!  Comment on the posts!  Give me your experiences!  I don't know how the logistics will work yet, but I would like to add some of your experiences to the book, too.  

I should be starting the posts very soon.  I'll be publicizing each post on Twitter, Facebook, and maybe BRU. 

Oh, and I'll do something to "pretty up" this blog once I get a little extra free time.  ;-)

What do you think of the project?  Good idea?  Terrible idea?  



  1. I think it is a great idea!! I look forward to reading this book as it grows.
    It will be fun!!

  2. Good idea. Just stay away from sensitive topics like nutrition...

  3. Stay away from topics like nutrition? Whether or not we should even run ultramarathons at all is a sensitive topic. If you try to avoid stuff that people disagree on, you won't have a book. Besides, I think nutrition is huuuuuge factor in ultramarathons and can't be ignored. Some may disagree with Jason's plan, but those of us that don't even know where to start would be very grateful to hear how he does it.

  4. Great idea, I look forward to keeping tabs on the process of developing the book, and maybe put my two cents into as I have a couple ultras planned for this year.

  5. Great idea. I'm excited to be able to exchange information in a nonthreatening way. Do not avoid "sensitive topics", but foster an environment that allows the expansion of knowledge. Thanks for allowing me to participate.